We are dedicated to making your life easier.​ Our tanks are only used in the wine industry and fitted specifically for a winemaker's needs. With locations in Paso Robles and Sonoma, we do our best to ensure tank delivery is quick and easy!

250 gallon portable stainless steel wine tank

250 Gallon Porta Tank

350 gallon portable stainless steel wine tank

350 Gallon Porta Tank

450 gallon portable stainless steel wine tank

450 Gallon Porta Tank

550 gallon portable stainless steel wine tank

550 Gallon Porta Tank with Bottom Door

Ask about other sizes and tanks available!


portable wine tank central coast

All tanks are completely sealed, equipped with caps on the lid and racking ports as well as a butterfly valve on the lower port.

paso robles stainless steel tanks

All tanks are jacketed on one side. 

portable wine tanks 250 gallon, 350 gallon, 450 gallon, 550 gallon

Check out our full specs sheet for all sizes!


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Cold stabilizing small lots of wine

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Bottling tank

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Storing the pressings of red grapes

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Primary fermentation

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Blending tank

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Barrel work surge tank to move wine

pellenc pump


  • Reduces labor during barrel operations, wine assembly and transfers

  • Set it and walk away

  • Flow rate is between 13 - 200gal/min

  • Electromagnetic flowmeter 99.7% accuracy

  • Helical lobes reduces up to 5x the oxygen pickup during transfers

  • Wireless remote control

  • Target gallons set via counter on touchscreen

  • Timer for pump-overs