Integrity Inserts are designed to act as a false bottom inside a MacroBin.

  • Allows every winery to receive machine-picked fruit

  • Machine picked sparkling

  • De-juicing for handpicking of thin skin varietals


macro bin insert

Made from high density food grade plastic

juicing grapes

Ability to utilize a plug for bleeding off juice

Lightweight and smooth surfaces for easy sanitation


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Reduced flavors & aromas caused by contact with MOG

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Allows for higher quality machine picked fruit

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Limited periods of contact between the skins and juice

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Saignee juice prior to dumping via a plug in the macro bin

Roederer Estate, Bien Nacido, Sextant

"Sparkling wine requires handpicking to achieve the highest quality. In recent years, many roadblocks like lack of labor, heat spikes, or wildfires have created the need to have a 'Plan B' available. That Plan B is using a high quality harvesting machine, available 'on demand' to pick into 1/2 ton Macrobins. The machine bruises the fruit as it gets picked but the use of plastic false bottom inserts we tried from Integrity helped mitigate the skin contact with the juice created, thus avoiding most of the color and tannins extraction. I feel it helped me save the fruit I could not have picked timely with a handpicking crew."

Arnaud Weyrich

VP & Winemaker, Roederer Estate Inc,

"We were very excited to trial the Integrity Wine Company's false bottom bins during Harvest 2020. I was hopeful that the inserts would allow us to separate our juice from contact with any stems or plant material and result in less 'green' flavors and harsh phenolics. So far I have seen a significant reduction in those undesirable flavors and I am very pleased with the results. We will definitely be using the bins next year."

Anthony Avila

Winemaker, Bien Nacido & Solomon Hills Estate

"Crush pad equipment without de-juicing oftentimes prevents smaller wineries from receiving mechanically picked fruit. Integrity Inserts are the perfect tool for winemakers experiencing labor shortages in handpicking and seeking alternative solutions. "

Alex Frost

Winemaker, Sextant Winery