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This turn-key "Juice and Go" solution can improve quality and generate savings for both wineries and growers. Our Pellenc Smart Presses will tag team with the ability to press up to 150 tons/night straight into a tanker in the field. We are entirely self contained with power, lighting, NTEP certified scales, as well as a mobile receiving hopper/must pump capable of handling 6 ton gondolas.

Typical targeted programs: 

  • Pinot gris

  • Rose

  • Sparkling

  • Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and other whites


california grape pressing

Self contained and turn-key. IWC handles all logistics

wine truck

Ability to press up to 150tons/night

(6 truckloads) 

On site winery rental for emergencies or increased pressing capacity



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Hauling savings. Two tankers for every three grape trucks

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Take pressure off of facility/white press bottleneck

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New opportunity to source grapes from outside the area

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Lower cost of crushing and pressing

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 Eliminate quality loss during transport

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Grow wine programs without purchasing additional equipment

"We partnered with Integrity Wine Company in 2021 for some field pressing on Monterey County Chardonnay. The receiving winery can only accept macro bins, so rather than go through the hassle of moving bins around and asking the grower to machine-pick into them, we had the grower harvest the field as they normally would. IWC pressed the fruit in the field, and the winery was able to receive tankers of juice first thing in the morning. The whole process definitely helped with logistics."

PJ Alviso

VP, Central Coast Winegrowing, The Duckhorn Portfolio

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